The oeuvre of Narcisse Tordoir (b.Mechelen, 1954,Belgium) might be described as 'spacial painting' that uses a specific swell dynamic, bold and intriguing visual language, based on reality. Trying out new possibilities, where media and style are mixed in a flashy way, the artist constantly challenges himself regarding both, content and technique. The works are stories and full of bravado, simultaneously subtle and in your face, weaving romance with harsh reality, history with actuality, moving pictures with  static ones, and madness with seriousness. Tordoir practices painting as an act; a performance that continues to resonate. His language is associative, intrusive and mysterious yet with great formal precision. The elements, recognizable in themselves, are combined in a way which creates tension and opens up a semantic field of emotion, disrupting our ordinary ways of seeing and consistently off-footing the viewer. Narcisse Tordoir has represented Belgium at the Venice Biennale. in 1999 he organized Trouble Spot Painting together with Luc Tuymans; a trailblazing show marking the state of painting at the time. In 2014 the Museum of Modern Art, Antwerp presented The Pink Spy, a major retrospective of the artists work. Tordoir lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium.